Usefulness of powerful magnets for industry

Today’s powerful magnets have a wide range of uses and they are used in a variety of areas or sectors of the industry. If you want to know what the use of these magnets is, here we present it to you.

The powerful magnets and their different uses

The powerful magnets are part of the category of rare earths and currently the neodymium is one of the most widely used. This magnet, made with iron, boron and neodymium is the most powerful magnet that has been created by man.

Regarding the applications that these custom magnets bulk have had in the industry we must say that they are very broad. For example, in the automotive industry they are usually used for the manufacture of motors and even more widespread is their integration with magnetic type seals and hard drives.

The usefulness of powerful magnets is reflected through its different applications:

  • To begin we must mention its use in technology, being its integration to hard drives one of the most outstanding utilities.
  • We must also mention the replacement that these magnets have entered to make the ferrite and alnico magnets. Which had a wide technological application.
  • The powerful magnets have been able to replace these other magnets options due to their great power, permanence, power and sizes. We must not fail to mention the fact that these magnets comes in much smaller and lighter sizes.
  • Some good examples that show its wide usefulness are: the actuators made for hard disk reading heads. Likewise, they have been integrated into nuclear magnetic resonance imaging production equipment, known as MRI.
  • Likewise, powerful magnets show their usefulness in the pads used for electric guitars and we cannot fail to mention their inclusion in loudspeakers as well as  The electric motors, variety of cordless power tools and electric generators for wind turbines make use of them.

Other apps

In addition to these applications mentioned above it is necessary to refer to other applications that reveal the usefulness of these magnets:

  • Inside the jewelry have been used as brooches.
  • They have also been used in the children’s toy industry, especially in magnetic construction cubes.
  • In the sports field these magnets have also been used, their application being very prominent within the closing mechanisms of the equipment used for parachuting.
  • In the medical field, inaddition to being used in resonance equipment, MRI , its use in elements of alternative therapies has also been extended.
  • Likewise, these magnets have been introduced in other equipment, such as the protective gogglesused by welders when performing their work, and the fact that the properties of the neodymium allow to absorb effectively the light that emerges from the flame.
  • The astronomy and cosmeticshave also benefited the usefulness of these magnets. With these magnets a better calibration of the spectra and of the radiation filters using the crystals applied to astronomy can be made.