The Exō Juice Card: First Slim Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

Ever thought of having a slim power bank but very effective? Then choose the exo Juice card power bank. Juice card has emerged to be the Worlds First Magnetic Wireless Power Bank with a width of 10.5mm and power storage of 5000mAh. The power bank can easily be carried anywhere to maintain a full charge on your devices.

Why Juice Card Power bank?

Guaranteed full battery for your device

This universal power bank perfectly satisfies those people who usually attend outdoor meetings and events or even those who are indoors but away from the chargers. It charges your device when its power seems to exhaust: it increases the convenience for use. So, you cannot be worried about even booking online services at your convenience since the device will not go off. Juice Card gives you a good time to do everything on your phone.

Exhibition of an innovative charging technology

Juice card adopts a magnetic wireless charging system and a pack of Exo batteries that are certified. The batteries stores 5000mAh power and can charge all the devices that are Qi-enabled. What you need to do is to charge both your phone and the Juice card at night hence having a full battery all day long.


Why do you need to carry a power bank, phone, and cable separately in your pocket? Have you ever forgotten a charging cable at home when you need it most? The Exo power bank is small and weighs 134g only. It puts no load on your pocket and has no tangled mess in because it does not use a cable to charge rather charges wirelessly. So, there is no headache anymore.

Flash recharge

Juice card is fitted with two flash charge ports: QUALCOMM 3.0 Micro USB and Type-C. The Qualcomm 3.0 feature enhances a quick charge for both the iPhones and Android devices. Exo can charge two devices at ago through the ports fitted.

Presence of a car vent clip

The Exo juice card provides for the use of a car vent clip to allow you to charge your phone while driving. The driver fixes the back of the Exo with a metal contact and then places it on a magnetic car vent clip together with the device to be charged. The phone charges while you use the maps to navigate through to your destination.

Comes with a warranty

Unlike other power banks, we give a warranty of 1 year for the power bank you buy to cater for faultiness on the batteries, malfunctions, or damaged materials. We have a swift supplier in China whom we work with excellently.

Good to go

Our product has received US patent D825,456S to be sold for use. This second invention, after the Exo wireless adapter for wired beats, is now available in plenty for sale. We have considered the challenge of transporting rechargeable batteries by choosing the best logistics company that will deliver them safely. We have the necessary safety certifications. Rest assured that your device will reach you safely. Just place an order.