The 7 best applications to organize parties and events

How many times have we gone crazy to make a meet all the friends or to organize a party? Event planning is not easy, finding a date and time that everyone can attend is complicated, where the meeting is going to be held without the last-minute incidentals and cancellations. For this there are applications that are a real wonder and can save our lives on more than one occasion.


Food is usually one of the key stars of an event. This free application is All-in-one APP for Calendar+Event+Chat+Payment, partner with Eventbrite & Ticketmaster & NYU Startup School. You don’t need to use the try & luck method to see who is free to join you when you have the iFUN APP. With the secure payment features of the iFUN APP, you will not be on the hook for the whole expense. Your friends can pay their portion up front.  

2. Cocktail Flow

When you have everything ready, guest list, the perfect place to meet and the food, only the drink remains afterwards, and if you want your guests to stay with a good memory, with this applications you can learn to make cocktails in a simple way.

3. Pro Party Planner

Pro Party Planner is ideal for meetings, conferences, fairs, parties and events and is one of the most complete apps you’ll find to organize any event. From importing guest lists, delegate tasks, set reminders, synchronize with other users, as well as with the social network Facebook. It even includes a timeline option, which allows you to follow in real time what has to be happening.

4. Party Mixer

A party is not the same if there is no music involved. With this application you will become a small DJ. Party Mixer allows you to play two tracks at the same time and interlace them as a DJ, including changing the pitch and tempo so they blend perfectly. You can also create, save and open playlists, and use the “Auto DJ” function that will automatically mix the songs.

5. Doodle 

Who has not used this app wonder? Find the right date and time to be able to meet a group of people and be able to agree with the easy programming of the Doodle. One of the clearest and simplest apps to agree on the date for a meeting or meeting: it is synchronized with multiple calendars (Google, Outlook, Yahoo, among others), so it is not necessary to have to change pages to See if you are free or not. One of the most practical features is the one that allows you to share your agenda with other users, so they can see when you are available. You can schedule the meeting directly from the calendar.

6. Attendium .

Any private event has a guest list. This app converts that list into a digital file , with  all the advantages that this entails : it automates the management of the guest list allowing you to choose people from different services ( Facebook, email tray, web forms …) and lets you know who has arrived and who did not, something rather simpler.

7. Wedding Planner

The application that can not be missing in the smartphones of the future couple! Wedding Planner shows at a glance a smart list of things to do to make your wedding a perfect day. It contains the entire list of things to do in order of time from 12 months before the wedding to after the wedding.