Sola Wood Softener

…a magical remedy to keep your wooden blooms beautiful forever!

Wood flowers are evergreen, and you always find them fresh, bright and blooming (with a little care and cleaning). Still, handling of wooden flowers needs to be so gentle with proper care. Otherwise, they lose their shape and get deform as these flowers are fragile enough. Another issue with sola wood flowers is their brittleness that makes it difficult to craft sola wood into wooden flowers. It also damages the wooden blooms if they are not treated with sola wood softener.

Why does sola wood become brittle?

Sola wood is a natural material obtained from the bark of balsa tree wood or from a plant called the Tapioca plant. Sola wood is chopped and dried before it is processed into sheets, then shaped into flowers. By this point, the sola wood lasts a lot of its water already and may become extremely dry and brittle.


The flower artisans would need to spray the wood sheets with water several times before being molded and fluffed. The ideal method to create bouquets, arrangements, centerpieces, or any other sola wooden flower creation is to work with soft, flexible petals. The wood would flake and break easily.

Sola wood softener:

Diluted glycerin is considered the best sola wood softener. A sola wood softener solution is a mixture of glycerin and water in which you have to take one part of glycerin with ten parts of water (1:10 ratio). This is simple to apply and produces damage-resistant wood flowers that retain their softness even after being colored.


This mixture not only locks in the moisture of sola wood but also hydrates it. Sola wood softener makes the flowers easier to shape or roll and squeeze the petals’ edges back together. When the flowers are pliable, they are less likely to tear during the crafting process. Soft and pliable sola wood makes it easier to work wooden flowers back into shape or rolling and pinch the edges of the petals.

Is it essential to use sola wood softener?

You care for your belongings, especially when they are associated with the most beautiful and important day of your life. Today’s brides care more than ever about their wedding day accessories and try to preserve them for a long time. This is why intelligent brides prefer having a bridal bouquet made of sola wood flowers.


You can consider this as an insurance policy of your everlasting sola wood floral bouquet that keeps the wooden flower petals softer and keeps the dye away from chipping. Even if your flowers lose their shape, and they get deform due to any reason, sola wood dipped in softener is more flexible in reforming your wooden blooms into the original shape.

Tips to remember:

Sometimes, some sola wood flowers (treated with sola wood softener) get squashed during the careless handling of wooden floral arrangements. In this situation, you may just spritz them down with water and allow them to soak until fully wet before molding.


If your wooden flowers are not previously treated with sola wood softener, use hot water and sola softener to spray already colored flowers. It may provide you with some flexibility and suppleness to use the softener and paint combination again, but not as much.


Using a spray bottle to spray the mixture on your flowers before painting them gives you greater control over applying the color and the placement of the paint. This technique is best to give your wooden flowers an ombre look.