Show employees that we appreciate them: How to do? Why?

To retain talent within the company, motivate the troops, energize the teams: the corporate event is a weapon of size. When it comes to showing employees that we appreciate them, there is nothing like an informal moment, organized upstream especially for them.

Why show employees that they are appreciated?

Your employees spend most of their time in the daytime serving your company. In exchange for their work, they get a salary and possibly rewards in the form of bonuses, bonuses, company car and other compensation. The best managers do not forget to tell their employees that they are doing a good job … nevertheless, this is not a panacea, as many companies take the work of their teams for cash.

A proactive approach of showing employees how important they are to a company can have a very important reach that goes well beyond the short-term. As such, the corporate event is certainly the best tool available to business managers and HR managers.

Event ideas to show your appreciation to your employees

From simple and simple event ideas to the most original, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your budget, the desires of your employees and the image of your company. Among them :

  • Dinner and theater outings
  • A day in a lodge during a sporting event (tennis, horse riding, golf …)
  • A day or evening cruise
  • A private party during a music festival
  • Team stays

The scope of the corporate event goes far beyond recognition

When the event tells employees “I appreciate what you do,” it has a scope that goes far beyond simple recognition. Current technologies allow employees, brand ambassadors and corporate image, to publish the event and show their excitement on social networks: an original way to get your business talking about using the Internet reach at lower cost.

The corporate event also – and importantly – allows employees to meet informally and share other things than purely professional ones. An opportunity to go further in the discovery of some elements of your team to make progress later. Indeed, when they meet outside the professional framework, individuals tend to behave differently, leaving the barriers by being more authentic. It is also an opportunity for many to approach their supervisors directly, which employees appreciate, especially if they do not have the opportunity to do so during their working day.