Secrets To Boost Private Label Sales On Amazon

Secrets To Boost Private Label Sales On Amazon

Private label products are becoming increasingly popular on Amazon, allowing retailers to sell unique products and increase profit margins. However, with the growing competition on Amazon, it can be challenging for retailers to boost their private label sales. This blog will give an overview of the secrets to boost private label sales on Amazon. By following these strategies, retailers can increase their sales and grow their business on Amazon.

Explanation Of Private Label Products

Before knowing the secrets to boost private label sales on Amazon, firstly, we will discuss what is Private Label Products. Private-label goods were produced by a third-party manufacturer but sold under a retailer’s name. These products are exclusively sold by the retailer and unavailable from other retailers. Private-label products can include various items, including food, electronics, clothing, and household items. Private-label products are often sold for lower than name-brand products, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers. Private label products are becoming increasingly popular on Amazon, allowing retailers to sell unique products and increase their profit margins.

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Secrets To Boost Private Label Sales On Amazon

The most popular online trading platform in recent years is Amazon. Buyers love the bargain prices, wide assortment, and fast delivery offered on Amazon. At the same time, Amazon provides many opportunities for sellers. To earn big money from trading on Amazon, you only need a hot commodity, an honest attitude to customers, following the established rules, and a little patience.

Below are some simple tips recommended for secrets to boost private label sales on Amazon

Maintain High-Quality Content

Please ensure high-quality pictures and place them on a white background. They should not have watermarks or extra inscriptions. The preferred format is JPEG, at least 500px in size. Photographing the goods is necessary on each side from different angles. If you sell expensive goods or anything new, hire a professional photographer, and he will convey all the features and shades of colors.

An important point is the headlines. Product names must not exceed 80 characters. When creating your title, use the main differences of the product. For categories, clothes, and shoes have special requirements. Try to indicate in the title every advantage of the product.

Present the product characteristics in one list to simplify the selection. Check in advance what parts you can choose for your category (Size, Color, etc.).

Particular attention is paid to the detailed information about your product. Check the correct description of the product and whether it is clear enough. Product descriptions should not be long, but it is necessary that they fully and adequately explain each feature and characteristic of the product. Do not do more than five points; place them near the photo. It is the first secrets to boost private label sales on Amazon.

Perform keyword optimization

Keywords help customers find on the site the goods they are interested in. To select the most optimal key queries, consider how the visitor can search for them and use different options. Instead of phrases, it is better to use single keywords. Do not use the queries indicated in the header.

Try to become the owner of BUY BOX.

BUY BOX is notable for its prompt delivery, free delivery, positive customer reviews, availability of the required goods in stock, competitive price, and cost reduction in returning purchases.

Use Repricing Software to win BUY BOX, track and control price inaccuracies. Reduce margins to increase sales. The cost of your product should not differ much from the cost of analogs from other sellers. It is the third secrets to boost private label sales on Amazon.

Use All The Features Of The FBA Program.

This program helps to realize a large number of goods without thinking about the conditions of their storage in the warehouse and the speed of delivery to the buyer. Features of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA):

the ability to send any marketable items to the company;

storage of goods in a center located as close as possible to your customers;

the implementation of the packaging of your goods and their targeted delivery. Providing 24/7 customer support.

Using FBA offers many benefits: first, getting simplified access to customers around the world. They can use Amazon Prime Members to get prompt delivery at no extra cost, and Amazon and UPS partnerships make shipping more affordable. In addition, your customers can use the Super Saver Shipping service, which guarantees free delivery for purchases starting at $ 25. Participation in the program increases your chances of winning a BUY BOX. Any customer service issue is handled by Amazon, which also simplifies the seller’s work. Due to this cost reduction, profit will increase. Using your online store or eBay is also possible to use the program while conducting business. It is the fourth secrets to boost private label sales on Amazon.

Sell Products Worldwide

With Amazon, you can enter global markets. You can access millions of customers who prefer to shop online, and Amazon is one of the most popular trading floors in Europe and Canada. Amazon offers great prospects for your business. In addition, the use of special programs helps make the selling process to other countries much easier. For example, using the FBA Export program, it is possible to store goods in the company’s warehouse, track where your goods are in great demand, and control other sales indicators available. It is the fifth secrets to boost private label sales on Amazon.

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Carry Out Promotions

Most ordinary stocks work perfectly on Amazon.

Free shipping. Such promotions may be held during holidays or when shopping for a certain amount.

Special discounts. For example, when buying a product for $ 50, the client receives a discount of $ 5.

The second item is free. Define specific products for this promotion, and by purchasing one of these products, the client receives the second for free.

Bonus accrual for next purchases. This category also includes gift cards. You can promise discounts to regular customers on related product categories or repeat orders.

The most effective strategy is to provide a direct discount. Providing holiday discounts, discounts on certain categories of goods, and using promotional codes work great.

Constantly Monitor Metrics

Amazon is known as a responsible company providing quality service. Therefore, effective business is inextricably linked with strict adherence to the rules. Track the number of your sales daily, and control the delivery time. Order Defect Rate will help you quickly respond to negative reviews, fulfill your obligations under guarantee, make a refund without delay, and will help your customers.

Keep in mind that Amazon monitors the responsiveness of your response to a client’s question. Therefore, being in touch around the clock and constantly monitoring each sales indicator is advisable. It is the last secrets to boost private label sales on Amazon.


Private label products are a valuable way for retailers to increase their sales and profit margins on Amazon. However, standing out in the competitive Amazon marketplace can be challenging. Retailers can boost their private label sales by conducting thorough product research, optimizing product listings, focusing on product reviews and ratings, utilizing Amazon Advertising, and utilizing Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. By following these secrets, retailers can succeed in the Amazon marketplace and grow their businesses.  I hope you enjoyed this post about the secrets to boost private label sales on Amazon.

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