Reaching out to prospects is “as easy as pie”!!!

Suppose you want to do any sales prospecting using cold email. The first step of the process is actually to find the person’s email address.

Now, I know there are many tools online claiming to get these details.

Some things do work & a lot of things are with false promises.

So what I am going to do in this article is walk you through ways that work out well to reach your prospects.

And also introduce you to a nifty tool called! Now, what’s that? is a tool that will help you spend less time doing administrative tasks and finding emails and start spending more time generating more appointments with your prospects. We’ll discuss this more as we move further in this article.

So, let’s get started.

Guess your prospects’ email address.

Guessing will be your first step, and research says that many trace email addresses using this simple method.

While guessing, you will incorporate some logic; for instance, you can use the most common patterns. Organizations typically use a definite way to create new email addresses for their employees.

And if you have details such as first name, last name, and company domain name, you could make a right guess of your prospects’ email address.

And then, you can verify what you’ve got with an email address verification tool.

Do your Search on Google

As google consists of a lot of information, you can try searching out there too.

You can start by applying some simple search queries. However, your search would result in hundreds of pages that may be irrelevant to you. This approach makes you spend lots of time getting what you need.

Explore Your Prospects’ Social Media Profiles

You can start with a platform where people belonging to your niche spend most of their time on. You may expand your search on other social media handles as well.

So head over to their profile & explore the information they’ve updated. Mostly your search stops in the contact details section or else in the about section.

Even in this case, you would find people updating their sales or support team email addresses instead of their email id. These are not that effective when you wish to extend a personalized outreach.


Linkedin is an ideal platform to follow & establish connections with professionals in your niche.

You can click on your prospect’s profile and get desired details from the contact section or in the about section.

Search on a Company Website

Though not every website provides you with the direct contact details of the company decision-makers, there are some sites where you will see the details published on the about us or contact us page.

You may even search on the Author page if the website has one.

Those were some of the ways to find your prospects’ contact information.

Does it seem time-consuming?

It is because of all the manual work it involves.


There are ways to make the search process as easy as pie!!!

When you look around, you will find free as well as paid methodologies.

Paid methodologies are where you use tools to make your email search easy and effortless. is a trending email search tool that can get your prospects’ email in one second.

This tool comes with a freemium plan where you get ten email credits every month. So, you can try it out.