McMurray Stern Proves that a Shift to Automation is the Future for Storage Solutions  

For decades, McMurray Stern has been the top option for various companies across a multitude of industries. Always staying ahead of the times, McMurray Stern’s storage solutions constantly prove to be of the utmost quality — producing products that no other company will offer until a few years down the road. With the strong leadership of President Kenny De Angelis and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Pat Fitzpatrick, McMurray Stern has been able to improve their solutions in order to fit an ever-changing world.


This leap into the forefront of robotics and automation began thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. During these tough times, with everyone staying inside, needing to social distance, and not wanting to touch anything around them, McMurray Stern saw a greater need for their expertise. With online shopping at an all time high, companies across all industries, but especially in the retail and grocery markets, were needing quicker, more efficient ways to help their customers.


McMurray Stern stepped up, designed a new and unique fully automated system that “allows for a higher storage density, freeing up otherwise wasted floorspace. [Their] automated storage and retrieval products are designed to help [companies] store and retrieve items and materials with improved accuracy and speed.”


Fulfilling the needs across industries like Retail, Grocery, Micro-fulfillment, Agriculture, Healthcare, Museums, Public Safety, the Government, and many more, McMurray Stern’s time and money saving techniques also allow for greater productivity that reduces overcrowding and pressure behind their strong working labor force.


Comprised of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), Conveyors, VLMs (Vertical Lifts by McMurray Stern), Miniloads, Carousel Systems, Shuttle Systems, Picking Systems, Cranes, and Lift & Run Machines, McMurray Stern’s automated systems are able to help in multiple ways, including being able to “automate material flow with increased safety and accuracy,” “help organize and improve … workflow” and optimize storage “with rapid material transport and short access times.”


The impressive techniques have caught the eyes and have been used by companies like BBraun, Amgen, Oakley, and Kaiser Permanente. McMurray Stern’s partnerships with companies like Schaefer and FANUC Robotics have also helped increase the productivity and value of these automated systems.

“We are driving our newer automation business to match the current explosive growth that the industry is currently experiencing…” says VP of Sales and Marketing, Pat Fiztpatrick.


“We are trying to achieve this through aggressive marketing plans that started with a complete revamp of our website and reworking of our entire marketing and business development approach.”

With new plans that are set in how to reach an even greater audience than they currently have, proving that their systems are incredibly useful, worthy, and both monetarily and productively efficient, McMurray Stern is going to go far.

With a passion towards every person who works at McMurray Stern, President Kenny De Angelis shows great care for the company and truly believes in his vision of having automation be the future of storage solutions. Always ahead of the curve, it is exciting to think of what McMurray Stern will soon do.