Currently, such practice as outsourcing of accounting services is applied more and more often. Contrary to a widespread misconception, it is chosen not only by small business representatives, but also by heads of fairly large companies. Remote accounting allows you to significantly reduce the costs associated with the maintenance of full-time specialists and at the same time receive comprehensive and quality service, as well as accounting support costs. Let’s see what features this bookkeeping services Singapore have and how it differs from classic freelance.


Outsourcing accounting: why is it profitable?

Prices for outsourcing accounting services are affordable and attractive. Of course, the final figure depends on many factors, among which are the size and type of enterprise, the taxation system used in it, the volume of workflow, and so on. However, for any situation, you can choose a convenient tariff with an acceptable cost of accounting support on a remote basis. In order to understand why this happens, you need to figure out what the costs of full-time accounting usually add up to. The main articles are as follows:

  • salary payments;
  • deductions to the pension fund;
  • allocation of additional funds necessary for advanced training of personnel;
  • office space maintenance costs;
  • expenses for the organization of jobs;
  • costs associated with accounting software.

Outsourcing of accounting services to commercial organizations allows you to abandon all of the above costs, which is an excellent way to optimize your business. Payment in this case is carried out at the rate chosen by the client, and remote accounting is entrusted to a whole team of specialists. They work much more efficiently than one full-time employee, but the cost of their accounting support is always much lower.

What is better for the organization – outsourcing of accounting services or freelance?

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Outsourcing accounting in Moscow is very common, but some firms that prefer to do without full-time accounting use alternative methods. The most popular solution is to invite freelancers for a period of tax audits or the preparation of current reports. Doing this is not recommended, because outsourcing of accounting services is cheaper and at the same time protects the company from all sorts of risks associated with freelancers. We should not forget that the accounting support of the LLC on a remote basis is protected by liability insurance, but incoming specialists cannot provide any special guarantees. In addition, it’s quite difficult for a freelancer to get things done in a very short time, and with outsourced batch services this problem does not occur. Your legal entity is handled by a whole team of remote specialists, which has all the necessary information and takes into account the features of your business strategy, taking into account the cost of accounting support.

Outsourcing of accounting services: prices, nuances, tariffs

Outsourcing accounting in Moscow and other cities can take various forms, including subscription services, VAT refunds, restoration of accounting, employee training, etc. The nuances are determined by the package that the client chooses. Many additional services (for example, payroll or HR management) can be added to the complex accounting support of LLC. The client’s field of activity is not decisive in this case, since accounting companies form their staff from specialists with diverse knowledge and experience. In general, any accountant who has been outsourcing for a long time can boast a higher level of qualification than his colleague who worked on staff.