How To Optimize Your Home For Energy Efficiency

Installing energy-efficient solutions used to be a big, expensive project. Today, things are different. A few simple upgrades to your home can lower your energy costs, boost your resale value, and reduce your environmental impact.

If you’re interested in protecting the environment and saving money, here are a few simple ways to optimize your home.

Install new windows and doors

Most homeowners don’t realize this, but outdated windows and doors can actually be a huge source of wasted energy.

Modern, insulated doors and windows will help to hold in heat. On top of that, they provide better protection against wind and stormy weather. This is a super affordable and fast way to optimize your home — plus, you’ll be eligible for some awesome tax rebates in California.

Renovate your roof

If you haven’t replaced your roof since you bought your home, you could be wasting more energy (and money) than you know.

An energy-efficient roofing system with better insulation will prevent heat and cool air from escaping. That means less time spent running your HVAC system to maintain the temperature in your home. Better roofing will help you save on your energy costs, and keep your home safe and dry year-round.

Upgrade your HVAC

An outdated water heater wastes as much as 50% of the energy it uses to heat your home. That’s a huge, totally unnecessary waste.

Talk to an energy solutions company in your area. They can help you out with simple HVAC solutions like buried ducting, insulation, and electric water heaters, to make your home greener and more cost-effective.