Investing in the cannabis industry seems like a good idea. The only problem is when it comes to details. Understanding the contours of domestic markets and international regulations is the first step required. Go slowly.

The marijuana market is taking off. Advances in legislation, whether in some US states or in entire countries, if not continents, are creating business and investment opportunities.

This rapid evolution is also described as the next “gold rush”. This industry is also seen by politicians as a way to create work, and it starts with production. However, this is also gradually reaching the health field, particularly in Europe.

It also means that certain entrepreneurial initiatives are fully legitimate, and that an investment market is in full development. Making the right investment in this market at this very moment, a real turning point, can pay off. However, the idea of ​​setting up his small family business in his corner to change the world of culture is a horse that has been leaving the stable for quite a long time, and it may be too late for that.

The counterpart of course is that being more and more banal, cannabis has also become subject to trading. This means that this sector is gradually becoming similar to all other markets. But there are many other opportunities vertical to achieve. For example from a medical point of view, R & D will allow to create products with flash effects.

Be careful though, this does not mean that anything related to cannabis will be a success. As in all other sectors there will be more flops than cows. So be extremely careful, a very great precaution must be taken.


There are sectors of this developing industry that are already better able to receive investment. There are usually companies that are established but have recently created a range of products related to cannabis. Medipharm Labs is one of those public companies with established reputations that have made this bet.

Many cannabis companies, especially in the United States, have become public in recent years, in order to access government procurement funds. This has been a concern as they have become entities to be approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Many have also burst after trying to grow.

Technology is another area, and although it interferes with culture or not, there are good shots in this area. That said, business models will vary depending on the country, sometimes radically. It is primarily related to the different regulations that coexist around the world.

The stock markets are different in Europe than in the rest of the world. In any case, the problem is that the entire industry is not ready for this kind of investment. Why? Because of the regulations in force in the United States as everywhere else. Even in the United States, where state markets have grown over the last 20 years, the lack of federal reforms has made almost all funding for this industry more focused on smaller organizations, such as start-ups. Canada and Israel will continue to be globally leaders in terms of investment in this industry. This is related to Israel’s precursor position on the medical, the imminent opening of the recreational market in Canada.


Until now, what it means to invest in this industry is, almost all the time, investing in private organizations, not in public companies. It also means having a special focus on start-ups. Although this is the most risky type of investment on the market, it is also the one that can earn the most. This is an area where innovation, research and discoveries are trying to find new uses for a drug that has been illegal for the last 100 years. Although there will be many failures, this is the time, and even the opportunity, ideal for innovation, entrepreneurship, investment and profit.


Getting to know the current environment is the best way to start investing. There are some names that everyone mentions. It does not necessarily mean that it’s still worth the cost of investing there. And it is not because we are dealing with cannabis that the traditional laws regulating markets are suspended.

Medipharm Labs

A famous name in cannabis extraction and purification, MediPharm Labs  have an expert team, state-of-the-art technology, advanced methodologies and a purpose-built facility to deliver pure, safe and precisely-dosed cannabis concentrates and advanced derivative high quality products.
MediPharm Labs Signs $35 Million Private Label Cannabis Oil Sale Agreement with Option for Additional $13.5 Million. So it is great investment opportunity for un-experience persons. It can provide you big profits on your investment in Canada. It has Fantastic upside $LABS for the cannabis extraction and high quality derivative products.

GW Pharma

Everyone likes to mention this strange British pharmaceutical company. She obtained a license to cultivate medical herb before the turn of the century. Since then, she has been producing herbal treatments so that she can still export to countries where the medical use of cannabis is still illegal. As a pharmaceutical company, she was able to avoid many rules. Suddenly, stocks have literally soared in recent years (with a gain of more than 1,000%), even if this company has also experienced flops. This includes the design of Sativex, a mouth spray containing THC.

Medical Marijuana Inc

This company calls itself the first publicly traded marijuana company in the United States. It is actually a group of companies with aligned interests and actions. They are clearly investing in the pillars of this industry. Investing in their stocks is fundamentally investing in their understanding and knowledge of the market, as well as in their attainment of that market.