How to hire a mobile app development company

Mobile technology has changed the way you do business. Smartphones are where consumers now live. Many studies show that most users regularly shop in mobile applications. Learning to write code is a step in the right direction, but most likely you don’t have time for this. In addition, the only way to get an application is to hire a best mobile app developer Singapore. There are enough good specialists on the market, but there are many inexperienced, ignorant, and those for whom the main thing is the financial component. For example, Where4Events representatives spent more than half a million dollars on developers before they found a company that finally created the right solution.

There is one more nuance. The name of the author of the book is always on the cover, but it’s not easy to establish who actually developed a single mobile application. Most professionals work as third-party developers, as application owners rarely agree that the name of the actual creator is mentioned on the application page.

Platform selection

If the target audience prefers Android, then it is better to focus on such applications. There are cross-platform solutions. But if you need an application with a 5-star rating, then it is better to hire a company-developer of native applications. Representatives of Southwest Airlines thought that cross-platform applications were the best option. But in the end, they miscalculated: the applications turned out to be “terrible in all respects, from functionality to performance and interface.” The Southwest leadership came to this disappointing conclusion. In general, it’s best to hire an app development specialist for either iOS or Android. The only exception is when a software company with a large staff of developers is involved in your project: someone creates iOS applications, someone Android.


One way to sort applicants is to compare the portfolio of mobile app developers. It is also worth paying attention to the reviews about their applications in the App Store. The profile of the developer company should contain links to online stores in order to download and test their applications in action. If the potential candidate does not have a developer account in the App Store or Google Play, then most likely he did not publish applications in online stores. And this is a significant minus.


Pay attention to customers with whom the company engaged in the development of applications. Talk with representatives of these organizations. Find out their opinions. Professional developers always, without hesitation, show a list of applications that they created and participated in the development, talk about the technologies used.


Integration of Google Analytics and other services

Ask which programming language is more convenient for the developer to work with. How long will it take to add Google Analytics, AdMob Banner or Facebook Share Dialog to the app? If the developer answers that about a month, then most likely he does not have enough experience and knowledge regarding integration.

Application Monetization Models

The developers are well aware of monetizing the application and will suggest a suitable model. This can be a subscription, in-app purchase, sponsorship, or advertising. The latter is the most popular way to monetize apps. According to IHS Markit, by 2020, annual revenue from in-app advertising will reach $ 53.4 billion.

Technical Support and Updates

It happens that with the release of a new operating system, the application does not function as before. Windows do not open and so on and so forth. Mobile app development companies typically provide free or paid updates and other technical support.


As a rule, developers explain how a mobile application is tested, during which all possible defects are eliminated.