How to deal with aggression at work?

To begin with, it is worth saying that aggression is a normal reaction of the body to certain external stimuli that either left their mark in childhood or began to manifest themselves in a more mature age, when a person gets tired of work, problems in the family, with friends and other troubles, suppressing a person. PMVA training can be helpful in aggression management.

As for the problems that were still in childhood, only a specialist can figure it out, “get into” the head, so to speak, and try to sort all the problems on the shelves in order to balance the human psyche to a greater or lesser extent.

The problems surrounding a person in everyday life, giving negative energy, are very diverse, as mentioned above. The question arises, how to cope with aggression in moments of not the best mood? How not to break down on people around you so as not to cause discomfort to people who are near you and, in fact, not to cause discomfort to yourself?

When aggression is splashed on people, only at first the person experiences a feeling of “liberation”, but then what happens? Relations with colleagues, friends and the worst with relatives are undermined. After a while, the person begins to realize that there was nothing good in his actions, he again visits a depressed mood, and there were no improvements after the breakdown of anger.

There are many methods and ways to deal with aggression. Naturally, a person chooses the method that suits him.

  • Close your eyes, count to ten, take a deep breath and exhale.

Probably the most popular way, which is always advised to everyone, observing a suitable anger in a person.

  • Doing sports.

After all, they always said that the most suitable way to splash out your negative energy is to do physical exercises, direct your energy into a peaceful channel, and release aggression and improve your health. The only thing at work is that there are hardly any conditions for performing this method, but it can be used constantly, so that at work there will be less susceptibility to irritants.

  • Ignore minor issues

Sometimes people get nervous for all sorts of trifles, which only increases the supply of negative emotions, causing further aggression. We must step aside from those little things that are not so important and, as a result, can themselves be resolved.

  • Learn to listen to people, understand their point of view

Very often people flare up just because they remain incomprehensible, or do not understand the person who is trying to convey this or that information to them. We must learn to hear and listen to what they say to you, then mutual understanding is ensured.

  • Interrupt aggressive thoughts

For example, when a person begins to have negative thoughts, interrupt the train of thought with more pleasant thoughts, or apply unpleasant actions to himself, pinch slightly, bite his lip.

This is only part of the list of ways to suppress aggression in yourself. At work, it is very important not to give vent to your emotions, but how to do it, each person chooses for himself.