How to choose a smartphone: useful tips

These days, many are not satisfied with the capabilities of mobile phones. Previously inaccessible devices such as communicators or smartphones are becoming more accessible every day and more and more people prefer smartphones. The mobile device market has a wide variety of smartphones. These are models by well-known manufacturers, as well as new products from little-known companies that are taking their first steps in the mobile device market. Many people need to make a difficult choice of the most suitable device. We will try to help the shopping of mobile phones online.

Advantages of a smartphone versus a regular phone

What attracts a modern person to a smartphone? This device is a compact personal computer that has a built-in telephone module. In addition to being able to make and receive calls, it has many other features. A modern smartphone is a multifunctional device that combines all the advantages of a familiar mobile phone and an advanced tablet computer.

Access to the Internet is possible both by using the capabilities of GSM, UMTC mobile networks, and via Wi-Fi. The use of high-speed connection standards promotes comfortable access to the Internet and popular voice and video services. These capabilities are wider than that of a tablet computer or laptop, since the smartphone uses the capabilities of the built-in communication module. Previously, few could afford to buy a smartphone – this was due to their high cost. Today they are quite affordable, the cost of a smartphone ranges from 3,500 rubles and can reach 20,000 rubles for exclusive models. Using our site you can purchase such wonderful models as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note3 at prices well below the average on the market.

Smartphone – a necessity or a whim?

Why do we purchase mobile devices? First of all, for the possibility of operational communication. With the growth of the pace of life and its requirements, the need for access to information that we are used to receiving through Internet services becomes more and more acute. Many modern smartphones, however, provide processing and receiving information close to the capabilities of a PC. Simply put, if you are a fan or an active participant in social networks, then using a smartphone will provide you with the opportunity to use their services fully. The presence of an operating system installed on devices of this type of device allows using the devices for entertainment and for increasing business efficiency.

Which smartphone manufacturer is preferred?

The production of smartphones has long been conducted by a limited number of manufacturers. The most famous are Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony  and Nokia. It is worth noting the successful activities of Samsung, which released the popular devices of the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note3 series. Moreover, the models of the latest series are equipped with very convenient and multifunctional styluses. Therefore, when choosing a smartphone, it makes sense to pay attention to their productivity.

Operating system: What to choose?

In recent years, various versions of the Android operating system, designed specifically for mobile devices, have taken the main positions in the mobile device market. This system is most often installed on smartphones and tablet computers. Depending on the OS version, there are some differences in functionality. Of these, support for flash technology is worth noting. This technology became supported only since the second version of Android. If the presence of flash matters to you, then you should give preference to newer versions of the operating system. The majority of smartphones on the market are running Android. For example, these are such popular models as HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S4.

What display should be on the smartphone?

One of the main differences between smartphones is their display. They have different matrix sizes and sensor types. We will talk about this in more detail. Let’s start with the touch screen – it is also called a touchscreen. There are two main types. It is difficult to judge their merits or demerits. It all depends on individual preferences. There are resistive sensors – they can be controlled using any object (fingers, stylus, etc.), as well as the more popular capacitive touch panels. The latter are more sensitive and respond only to objects that conduct electric current (they are much more convenient to control with your fingers).

When buying, we recommend that you pay attention to how the display of the selected gadget behaves in the sun. The higher the maximum allowable brightness, the easier it will be to read the text in sunny weather.

The “heart” of a smartphone is its processor

As with any computer for a smartphone, an indicator such as performance is important. It is provided by the processor. One of the most advanced processors with a frequency of 1600 MHz has 8 cores, it is installed in such a popular model as Samsung Galaxy S4. The higher the frequency is the higher the performance indicator. You should pay attention to the amount of RAM, which is no less important than the processor and ensures the effectiveness of its use when working with applications. The possibility of simultaneous uninterrupted operation with office applications and the Internet is guaranteed if the owner of the smartphone is dealing with a large amount of RAM (1 – 2 GB).

Ability to store information on SSD

For a computer, the volume of the hard drive is important, and for a smartphone, the amount of internal memory. It is designed to install applications and store the necessary information. It can be images, music or video files. Some devices boast a memory capacity of 64 GB, but options with 32 and 16 GB are more common. Of course, while the amount of memory significantly affects the cost of the device. A small amount of internal memory is not such a problem if the device provides the possibility of its expansion through the use of removable memory cards. Therefore, when choosing mobile phone on online shopping store, you should pay attention to this nuance. Apple iPhones do not support flash cards.

WAN Access and Navigation

If we consider the possibilities of access to the Internet, then smartphones superior to any other device in terms of connectivity to them. There is no need to install additional devices. The standard equipment of the smartphone already contains a GSM, 3G or 4G module, as well as a Wi-Fi adapter. If necessary, you can use the device as an access point for other devices. The data transfer speed according to Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G standards is sufficient to use the capabilities of video communication and view media content online. Car enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts may like the navigation capabilities of the smartphone. Thanks to the GPS module, the device can function as a fully functional navigator. The presence of this function is not available on all devices, because as a rule, the presence of a GPS module significantly affects the cost of a smartphone.

Photo and video camera on a smartphone

Cameras are equipped with the vast majority of mobile devices. Smartphones are no exception. If you are a fan of photo and video shooting, then you should pay attention to the presence of autofocus and the number of megapixels in the camera with which your chosen model is equipped. The quality of the pictures taken will greatly depend on this. It will not be superfluous to have a built-in flash, which can, if necessary, perform the function of a flashlight. The built-in camera provides the possibility of video shooting, in some models even in Full HD resolution. In particular, the NOKIA Lumia 1020 model presented on our website has a very good camera  .


If the smartphone is a computer, then it should be able to connect to other devices. It really is. USB- and HDMI-connectors, which are equipped with smartphones, can significantly expand their capabilities. The presence of HDMI allows you to display the image on any compatible monitor or TV. The USB Type A connector allows you to connect your smartphone to charge or to exchange information with any other PC. To output sound, the devices have a standard 3.5 mm jack. By the way, some models are equipped with a particularly high-quality audio system – for example, the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, which can be ordered with our help.


Choosing a smartphone is, of course, difficult, but at the same time a very interesting process. The price of a smartphone significantly depends on the prestige of the model and its technical characteristics. But we should not forget that the choice is made in accordance with personal tastes and preferences. Before you buy a smartphone, you should determine the priorities that will make the best choice for you. Students and housewives are more likely to use budget models, and music lovers, businessmen, photos and video enthusiasts should take a closer look at more expensive devices. Another option is to buy 2 devices at once (one cheaper, the other more expensive) and use them either alternately or simultaneously, depending on the situation. Our low prices make it easy to put this option into practice.