Converting images online is as easy as drag and drop

Thanks to the Web you can convert images without effort or loss of quality as simple as dragging the file and drop it in your browser.

Although it may be an annoyance, each file format has its own peculiarities, so that depending on what we want to do, one format or another will suit us.

As for the images in digital formats, choosing one format or another will depend on the quality we need and / or its size to store or share them on the network.

A separate issue is that we find ourselves with a photograph or image in one format and we must adapt them to another compatible one.

For this, nothing better than a tool to convert images such as JFIF to JPG converter. Below, several examples to convert from the Internet, for free and simply by dragging and dropping the files from your computer to the browser.

In any case, they also work on smartphones and tablets.



It is easy to use, simple to no more and compatible with several formats. Fileshifter complies with the concept of dragging and dropping one or more files.

First we choose the source format, then the destination format and after dragging and dropping one or more images, we will obtain the conversion.

Fileshifter is compatible with PNG, PDF, JPG but also with DOC, DOCX, PPT and XLS document formats and with MP4 and MOV videos.

And if you’re worried about what will happen with the uploaded images, they will be deleted after an hour.


From your computer, from a link, or from Google Drive or Dropbox, Aconvert can convert images and even change their size indicating a specific width and height.

Aconvert allows you to work with an extensive list of image formats, such as JPG, PDF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, WEBP, TGA, ICO, etc.

The only limit of Aconvert is the size of each file: 200MB per image.


Among the many functions offered by the iLoveIMG portal is the conversion of PNG, GIF, TIF, PSD, SVG, WEBP and RAW images to JPG.

iLoveIMG works by dragging and dropping the images , by clicking on the blue rectangular button and selecting the files or from our space in Dropbox and Google Drive.


It is free and without registration. With imverter we can convert images separately, grouped or compressed in a ZIP.

Its limit is 20MB per file and it is compatible with JPG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, BMP, TGA, etc.

A particularity of imverter is that, in addition to converting, it allows you to perform other tasks of editing digital photographs, such as changing its size(length by height), rotate them, add a watermark, include a border or remove the color.

CoolUtils Online Image Converter

In three simple steps, CoolUtils Online Image Converter transforms JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, ICO, PNG and PDF images between them.

We choose one or more files, then the destination format and, finally, download the result. In the process, it also allows us to change the height and width of the images, maintaining the proportion if you only change one parameter, as well as rotate them.

CoolUtils Online Image Converter supports images saved on our device and also in Google Drive or Dropbox.