Aeropress filter made from pure fine silver snowflakes

Are you afraid of increasing your cholesterol levels and are you also worried about the environmental hazards while being a huge fan of coffee? Well, now, your concern of your high cholesterol levels will be taken care off with the help of the Aeropress filter which is made with minute silver snowflakes. The aeropress filter is used for brewing coffee and it makes sure that you get control over the oils in the coffee without affecting the aroma and flavor of the coffee. With that, you will say goodbye to the paper filter which is one of your steps in making the world an environmentally friendly place. So, you are keeping your cholesterol levels in check and along with that, you are saving trees.

As the scientists grow carbon nanotubes to create strong items, the creator of this filter, tried growing silver dendrites from a silver solution and then pressed them to a solid form. Well, he was successful in doing so. He created silver snowflakes which could be used as antibacterial filters. He initially thought of using the filter created with silver snowflakes to use as a water purifier but one morning, just like every day, he was making his coffee when he realized that he could use the same filter to catch the aromatic oils. This way, people who want to prevent themselves from increased cholesterol levels could easily do that.

If you’ll first look at the filter, you will wonder how is water or coffee supposed o pass through it but you’ll be surprised that even though it is thick, the brewed coffee and water easily passes through it. So, this way, you are able to get rid of the aromatic oils while sustaining the actual flavor and aroma of the coffee. However, if you are someone who doesn’t want to get rid of the aromatic oils then you can stir the foam formed on the top of the filter back to the coffee and the aromatic oils will be right back.

You might also be wondering that is an electric device but it is not an electric coffee pot. So, you grab your cup, you place the tube into the cup, put your coffee in it and then you have to add boiling water to it. Now, you have to give it a stir and then you will need the plunger to press the brewed coffee into the cup.

If you are someone who wants to reduce the amount of paper you use, this will be a good initiative. You will be able to permanently say goodbye to paper coffee filters because this new buddy will make sure that your coffee gets rid of aromatic oils yet retains the actual flavor. Besides that, if you are someone who really want to taste the actual flavor of the coffee then you will surely say goodbye to the paper filters because they are not able to sustain the actual aroma and flavor of the coffee. With the aromatic oils, you also lose the essence and aroma of the coffee. This is why, sometimes you end up throwing half the cup of the coffee because it is not as good as your taste.

If you have previously been using stainless steel filters then you will be surprised that they have the opposite effect on your coffee. This is because, the stainless-steel filters allow the oils to pass through them this way, you have a greater chance of increasing your cholesterol levels. So, stainless steel filters are not a good option either.

If you are looking for something that gives you the right flavor yet prevents the aromatic oils from entering your coffee then you definitely need aeropress in your life because silver is naturally antibacterial, it kills germs in contact and also it doesn’t allow oil from passing through the filter. You can get more info about Aeropress on kickstarter campaign here

The Chelsite filter is basically the snowflakes of silver which are extremely tiny, they are pressed and become strong. The antibacterial properties make sure that your coffee tastes well, your cholesterol remains in check and that you are able to be proud of yourself for not making much waste in the world by using paper.