When creating a website, it is essential to create a safe website for users and the site owner. You are certainly aware that many spammers are flooding the internet. They abuse websites and continue to post comments in spam. As a website developer, it is essential to understand how GDPR and Privacy affects captcha, but also why to use it.

Why is Captcha used?

This is a fully automatic test to distinguish computers from human beings . Computers are smart but not as smart as humans. As a result, he is unable to fill the Captcha. As a result, Captchas help protect websites from fraudulent users. Captcha is used on most contact forms found on websites.

What are the different Captchas available?

To date, there are three types of Captcha available that I will present below:

  • Classic Captcha : This is a distorted text that is difficult to read and you copy correctly in a box provided for this purpose.
  • Captcha image : You most certainly met this captcha on a lot of websites. You are given a word and you must check the corresponding images.
  • reCaptcha : The most commonly used. This is to check a box to prove that you are not a robot. If the computer has a doubt, it makes you pass a simple test that you have to solve.

Is it necessary to put a Captcha?

A Captcha is very interesting in order to properly filter all the comments on your website. As a result, it is advisable to install it at strategic places on your website such as:

  • Your contact form
  • Your WordPress login form
  • Comments

However, certain extensions such as Gravity Form featuring a honeypot feature called allow not to be forced to add a Captcha to your website.

To prevent all robots from acting, the installation of Captcha is enough. As a reminder, the installation of Captcha is only really useful if you encounter spam problems with your comments, your contact form or the login form.

What are the best Captcha extensions?

Here are the 6 WordPress plugins currently considered the best. Although there are many others, some such as Captcha by BestWebSoft are not recommended because of a security breach discovered in the latter by Wordfence.

  1. Captcha Bank


Captcha Bank is currently one of the best existing plugins and can significantly reduce spam on your website. In addition to spam, robots will no longer be able to access your website .


  • Simple mathematical operations
  • Captcha custom text
  • Captcha by adding lines, blurry images
  • Case sensitive
  • You can decide where to install the Captcha
  • Captcha Bank supports Contact Form 7, BuddyPress and WooCommerce
  • Ability to be notified by email

This little spam plugin is starting to make its mark with more than 12,000 installations now . Its rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 testifies to the quality of this plugin. In addition, the installation is done in a few clicks on your WordPress dashboard. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, it allows you to choose the location of your plugin (comments, contact form, login) in its free version. In addition you can set the language according to the user.

  1. Google Captcha


Google Captcha has been installed more than 100,000 times. It is one of the most installed plugins. The installation of the latter is simple and the explanations are very clear.

Free features:

  • Adding Google Captcha on any form
  • Google Captcha Mask for people with whitelist IP addresses
  • Google Captcha supports Captcha versions 1 and 2

Paid features:

  • Language selection for Google captcha
  • Configuration on all websites on the multisite
  • Captcha configuration on the contact form.

This is a very good plugin to effectively protect you against spam. Moreover, it integrates perfectly with many plugins.

  1. Uber reCaptcha


Like Captcha Bank, it’s one of my favorite plugins.uber captcha tackles spam up to the roots. More than 6000 installations of this plugin are currently active.


  • support for audio and images
  • Generating a reCaptcha image
  • ReCaptcha protection for contact forms and password recovery forms
  1. Invisible reCaptcha


This is an integration of the last reCaptcha. This plugin counts to date, more than 50000 active installations. However, the box ticks itself. Indeed, the plugin goes at first, analyze the behavior of the user to check or not this box .

To do this, you just need to fill in the information about your reCaptcha key that you have generated on the Google site. Invisible reCaptcha has a simple and intuitive interface, requiring no knowledge. The language used is automatically adjusted according to the user.

  1. Really Simple Captcha


This is certainly one of the most used plugins against spam. Indeed, more than one million installations are active. However this plugin does not work alone. Indeed, it needs additional extension to Contact Form 7.

It is nevertheless a plugin very easy to use that keeps its promises in the fight against spam. The weak point to note is the installation of additional plugin to work , which can weigh down your website.