Which sports speaker to choose for a business seminar?

While some HR managers call on chefs, politicians, CAC 40 business owners or business gurus to host their corporate conference, your choice naturally lies in a sports speaker.

Even if your company is not related to the world of sport, you know that the alliance between the two domains is strong and that it gives to many company executives, the keys of their managerial inspiration. The analogies between sport and business are well established  : the search for performance and productivity, self-realization, individual and collective commitment, the will to reach and exceed its objectives and limits, the challenge collective … and more.

Why use a sports speaker?

To appeal to a sports lecturer is to give oneself the means to achieve a concrete objective by creating a lasting and lasting imprint in the spirit of the employees invited to the corporate seminar.

There is no doubt that the quality of the sports speaker is a condition sine qua non for the success of the event in its entirety. But it is not the only one ! The choice of a sports lecturer is the culmination of a process of reflection that must imperatively be based on the following criteria: the problematic and the objective of the conference, its theme, the framework in which your company evolves and the commitment of your employees.

Define your need

As a first step, clearly define the problematic, the objective and the theme of the conference you wish to organize. Is it to revitalize your employees? to answer an internal problem and create a better cohesion between the teams of your company? to contribute to stress management? the time management and performance of your employees? to improve managerial practices?

Depending on what you have defined and depending on the context in which your company operates, you will have a better idea of ​​the type of sports speaker you can call: a speaker specializing in team sports? an experienced sports speaker in an individual sport? a speaker with experience in both fields?

Which sport to choose?

Some sports naturally respond to specific problems. For example, a rugby player will be perfectly suited to communicate a message about team spirit; a professional skipper will be able to communicate about innovation and performance; a specialist in extreme sports will be able to highlight the importance of concentration etc.

The intervention of a quality sports speaker will create enthusiasm, reinvigorate the minds and inspire listeners. To maximize the desired effect, it is good to involve employees upstream, questioning them in relation to the sport or sports personality that inspires them the most.

You have chosen to invite a sports speaker to your company seminar. Your approach is, without a doubt, the beginning of a profound change that will positively mark your company as a whole. To carry out your approach, make sure to seek the advice of an experienced professional in the field of the intervention of sports speakers in business.