The Real Importance of Press Release Marketing

The Real Importance of Press Release Marketing

Companies and businesses these days are focused more than ever on their marketing strategies. They are creating ads and promotions and coming up with branding style advertisements to keep their name in front of the public. And that is not it; these marketing strategies also include sponsorships and event management to boost their marketing results. But there is one important strategy that most of the companies are missing on and that is a press release.

‘A well-devised press release can give you a good press and can keep your company’s name in a good light in front of the public. That is why we always encourage businesses and companies to make good use of the press releases for their marketing goals. Although newspaper these days are more focused on being paid by the businesses for the promotion there is still a section for publications which can be used to good effect. If not the newspapers then magazines can be the best alternative for that.” Says Akshat Thapa from NewswireNEXT.

Right now we are just focused on the local media, and for local media, it is important to add a community flavor in your press releases. It should look like news and there should be something for the broadcast crew to visit you and to record a report on your news. Getting that special format for your press release is a key thing in your press release’s success. It is the format that will decide whether your document needs to be considered or should be ignored like many others. So, do a little research and learn the basics of the press release and its format.

The best case is to produce your press release and to include a company logo at the top. The logo can be printed at the upper corner of the press release that works as a brand promoter. Providing the complete contact information in the press release is also very important. Provide the contact information of the person from whom further information about the press release can be gathered. Put the phone number and email address for the immediate answers.

Keep in mind that the newspapers work on short deadlines, so you have to provide reporters with a release date. This release date will help the reporters to know when they can reveal the information to the public. Mostly the press releases are posted on the immediate basis, but if it is for some special event or ceremony that has to be held in the future, then the release date can be selected accordingly.

Give a clear headline to your press release that can summarize the whole topic. It is clever to stick to the facts while writing the headline otherwise reports didn’t consider it to be authentic. Be concise with the content in the body of the press release. Don’t break paragraphs more often and try to compile it on one page. If your press release is of three pages then it is not a press release, it is an article. Summarize all the information in the final paragraph and mention the name of the company after that. You can also put names of people, organizations, and places if you want to.

Putting one or two quotes will never hurt your press release. It will make your press release more effective. But you have to be accurate with these quotes, and all quotes should sound natural. Try to answer who, what, when, where, why and how because this is the most effective way of writing a press release.

Last but not the least, when it comes to distributing press releases, make sure to choose the best press release distribution service in order to gain optimum results.