Saving Eagles

Several species of eagles in the world are endangered. The Philippine Eagle is one of these endangered eagles. There are only around 400 pairs of them left in existence in the Philippines. It was formerly called the monkey-eating eagle because of its predatory nature toward monkeys. But it is a very beautiful eagle that is considered a mascot and symbol to many native people in the Philippines. It should be preserved and protected at least for their sake.


To raise awareness of this issue, a 10-year-old student decided to invent a board game about the Philippine Eagle for his 4th-grade science class project. The board game is called “Saving Eagles.” It is a fun and educational game which teaches players about the Philippine Eagle and raises awareness of their endangered nature. Most importantly, players learn about all the efforts available to protect these birds and how others can help protect them too.


The Saving Eagles board game is being sold to raise money for the protection of the Philippine Eagles. The inventor of the game, Eric Schadt, founded the company “E-Family Games” and partnered with the Philippine Eagle Foundation to ensure this happens. E-Family Games is the manufacturer and distributor of the game. The money raised from the sale of the game will go to the Philippine Eagle Foundation. This is the foundation responsible for driving the effort to preserve these eagles.


Each board game comes with a game box, game board, 12 game pieces, 2 dice, 48 game cards, and a game booklet. Up to 6 players at once can play the game. It’s an entertaining board game to play with your family, especially when staying in rural or remote areas. Anyone who is an animal lover will appreciate this game even more. It is technically a children’s game for kits between the ages of 6 and 17. However, parents and grandparents will love playing this game with their children or grandchildren.

The objective of the board game itself is to get your Philippine Eagle to safety. The player moves the eagle around on Mindanao Island and tries to avoid animal trappers and poachers from catching him in the process. Meanwhile, the player must get the eagle to mate with other eagles in order to increase their population and get them out of the endangered zone. As the game is played, the player gets to learn real facts about the Philippine Eagle on the action cards that are used. Each card has an original illustration designed by his father, who is the official graphic artist of E-Family Games.


There is no doubt that Eric has a great idea here. The only problem is that he lacks the funds to market the game on a wider scale and manufacture more copies of it. For this reason, Eric created a Kickstarter campaign with an effort to raise the necessary money needed to expand the marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of the game. His pledge goal amount is $150,000. Anyone who contributes at least $35 will receive a free copy of the board game.