Sales: a key skill for success in the business

Contrary to what one might think, the sale is not only the business of salespeople , salesmen, customer advisers and others. Sales have been at the heart of all human relationships and social interactions for a very long time. Take a look at yourself … When you sit at home watching TV, commercials saturate your programs. As soon as you leave the house, the neighbor, the friends, the colleagues, try to sell you something … true or false?

Sales: at the heart of all relationships

What is the sale? It’s simply the act of getting someone else to accept something: a product / service, an idea, a know-how, an expertise … through argumentation or the use of a specific selling technique (consciously or not).

Traditionally, the sale is considered as the contract by which the seller transfers or undertakes to transfer the ownership of a thing or a right to the buyer, who is obliged to pay the price in money. But it goes much further than that, if you think about it …

The sale is omnipresent in your life!

And you will find daily that there are different categories of sellers: more or less good, more or less effective, and more or less convincing.

The human relationship is the golden thread that weaves your success. The big secret of the art of selling is getting people to want to help us. And everything depends on what is said and done to get them on this path. Getting closer to each other, building bonds, creating trust is the way to bring home the desire to buy what you sell. Human relations are interested, we always want something from each other and vice versa. Not true ?

There is an infinite number of relationships and social interaction between men: the family, clubs, associations, interest groups … society as we know it is made of reciprocal actions between men to better develop their sales to their target audience.

Selling more than a skill: an attitude

Everyone is trying to sell something at one time or another, which makes sales an indispensable skill that needs to be strengthened. I repeat: the sale is omnipresent in our lives:

  • relatives who are trying to sell you their ideas or projects,
  • your spouse who sells you the destination of the next vacation
  • your child who sells you his desire to see the latest teen movie in the cinema.

To succeed in sales, you have to do what you have to do and do it well. Determination is the key word. You have to believe in yourself and in your ability to influence the choices and decisions of others. Being positive and confident helps a strong mind to move forward. You must develop an autonomous mind to succeed. In a conversation, a debate is often the one that releases the most certainty that wins …

How to wake the seller who is in us?

If you do not want to be the buyer in all your human interactions, then you have to become the salesperson. For this you must:

  • Listening to others: the salesperson must be open and listen to others. You must know as much as possible about his desires, his troubles, his shortcomings, his hopes to be there at the right time to propose something to him;
  • Digging to discover more about his needs and deep motivations;
  • Have the right angle of attack to make a proposal;
  • Bring value to your offer
  • Prepare your sales plan in advance in order to anticipate everything.

By mastering this key skill in your professional and personal life, there is no doubt that you will be able to be a leader and obtain what you desire from others (in the benevolent sense of the word). Because the techniques of sales and persuasion are neither good nor bad in the end, they are what you make! Meditate on it …