Safety Aware

An App that will help children tap into their primal defense system, recognize fear responses and make positive choices around safety!

Making Children Safer Through The Safety Aware App

Children no longer have to die or suffer lifelong consequences because of abuse. Unlike in the past, children can now rely on a combination of their acquired knowledge and inhibitions to assess every situation they find themselves. Staying safe is becoming more challenging more than ever before; the numbers of children subjected to abuse is on the increase. One begins to wonder what could be done to forestall this ugly trend.  You can get all information about safety aware on

Being Safe Comes From The Mind.

It doesn’t have to be the same ever again through the help of the Safety Aware App. Children between the ages of 6 to 14 can now learn to stay safe, relying on the functioning of the Safety Aware App. What matters most is the consciousness of these children when it comes to protecting themselves. A good decision-making skills to realize that they are in an unsafe environment could help them withdraw themselves before the perpetrators struck.

Being Your Own Superhero

Kids love superheroes, but they fail to recognize the superhero in them. Using Superheroes character, Safety Aware App helps children to pay attention to their environment, further assess their environment, listen to their inner voice, and take action proactively. Children must be made aware of genuine help and care, and when such care goes to the extreme and what to do in such a scenario. Safety Aware App is all about putting the safety of children right in their hands with the assurance that they are going to make the right decisions at all time.