Reasons to be a member of Gold’s Gym

Across its more than 700 sites in 42 states and 30 countries, Gold’s Gym caters to a diverse membership of approximately 3.5 million people across a wide range of fitness levels.


Gold’s Gym delivers a solid business model that supports all franchise partners, whether single-unit owners with a passion for the health and fitness sector or part of a franchise group looking to diversify their portfolio into the health and fitness industry. Franchisees can count on help and guidance from Gold’s Gym from the moment they sign on until long after they’ve opened their doors.

In what ways does Gold’s Gym benefit its members?

Depending on your membership package, the Gold’s Gym prices for joining might vary. You’ll have to pay an initiation charge to begin your membership for 12 and 24-month commitments. The cost to join Gold’s Gym could differ from one area to the next, but it will always be cheaper than the cost of paying month-to-month. The joining charge for a month-to-month membership, which does not commit to that of the current month is nearly $74.


Furthermore, there is no joining cost for members who want to pay for a year’s membership at Gold’s Gym. There are too many different membership tiers to list in one breath. The actual cost of joining Gold’s Gym is unclear, but a basic access-only membership would set you back at least $20 to $30 every month in addition to the initial investment.


You should expect to pay around $40 per month on membership at Gold’s, not including the initial investment and the yearly fee. Although Gold’s has a large number of members at each location, you won’t feel too much of a crush, even during peak times. It’s a large gym with lots of tools for everyone to use.