Learn how to live in China to teach English

Teaching English abroad is one of the best options for working while traveling the world either for those whose first language is English or not.
Those who speak English fluently and are looking to gain work experience internationally can always consider the option to teach this language in another country and create a great chapter in their lives.

For those who are considering China as a travel destination and live there for teaching English, it is important that they consider the following facts and recommendations to teach English in China:

1. Teaching English is not to get rich but you can always earn a little more.

The salaries paid in China to those who are teaching are usually good enough to live in a decent apartment, eat well and enjoy occasional little pleasure. But those who travel usually find themselves in need of going for a little more, enjoying, nightlife more frequently. And this unfortunately is something for which the teacher’s salary is not enough.
It is in this case that getting a little extra work can be very useful. One option is to take advantage of the contacts that are created in the country to find people who need private lessons, which are used to paying much better.
Those who are willing to sacrifice a little of their free time in working a couple more hours, may find that it is quite lucrative and that it is a sure way to ensure a better lifestyle in China.

2. Contracts have their benefits

Most of the contracts signed in China, for the teaching of English, are 6 months to one year. Sometimes they are a bit more extensive. This carries several benefits, apart from the job stability that it implies, it is also beneficial to get a longer-term visa and to save some of the travel costs, since signing with Chinese education institutions usually reimburses ticket costs of plane and sometimes subsidize part of the accommodation costs. Of course, as long as the contract is not violated or resigned, in this case all benefits are lost.

3. Do not be scared, it is always possible to quit when the work is not good

If for some reason you work overtime without receiving fair financial compensation in return, or labor relations are not the best and everything becomes unmanageable and overwhelming there is no need to get stuck there. Although it is certain that when you renounce the benefits of the contract you lose the most important thing is to work in a place where you are happy. After all, it’s about enjoying the experience of being in China.

4. English is not required to be the first language to teach English

China is investing a considerable amount of money every year in making it possible to learn English in all its schools. This means that there are many opportunities that are being generated to get a job as an English teacher. Their standards are not as high as those in Taiwan that require each teacher to be a native English speaker, or like those in South Korea where the entry of foreigners who aim to be teachers is being restricted.

5. Social networks work differently in China

Facebook is blocked to be used freely and although there are some students who use it, most likely, most do not. Some may consider this an advantage to have a time of privacy while in China, but the truth is that social networks are an essential tool for generating business, in this case more students. That is why WeChat should be considered, which is a social network of great impact in the country and is the way most people keep in touch.

6. You should think very well to which age group English will be taught

You can choose between adults, teenagers and children to teach English. The important thing is to consider how different the relationship with each age group can be.
For those who do not support the lack of attention and some noise the safest thing is that children should be discarded, although on the other hand if you enjoy the constant curiosity and the game environment these would be the best option.

7. Always in English

If you speak Mandarin or Cantonese, it is best to use it in class. If possible, hide it from students.
The dialogue with the students should always be in English in such a way that they have no choice but to learn the language to be able to communicate. In the long run this is the best help a teacher can give them to learn.

8. You must learn the language too

Living in China is a great opportunity to learn one of the most widely used languages ​​in the world. Most teachers usually speak English all day and then after school they tend to look for friends who also speak it. And it is not only during the week, but also on weekends. The recommendation is to make the effort to learn the language, strive to get friends who are native to China.
Learning the language can open new doors in the world of work and it also helps to understand more about the country’s culture.
In conclusion, China is now becoming the land of opportunity for those who wish to travel and live to teach English. It is an opportunity to know a different culture, rich and full of history and tradition. It is the perfect time to make the decision to travel and teach English there.