How to sell your art

In the world of art, as in many other professions, it is difficult to make a living without having to do our part and seek our own business strategies. That is why we want to help you promote, sell and invoice your work, so that you can dedicate yourself to it, or at least, that you can start in this tedious way to self-promotion.

It is very complicated to start if we are not an expert in e-commerce or if we do not yet have a name of certain recognition, so we hope that this will help you sell your art.

  1. Always signall your works, with the same graphics and that is clearly recognizable.
  2. Before starting with marketing campaigns it is important to have a presentable number of works. We can not optimize all the possible channels for a single work, because if we sell it, the public will be disappointed until the next opportunity is presented. Having a quarry of between 5 to 10works will be enough, although if we have more, its better. There is also no need to promote 520 at the same time, because it would distract the buyers’ attention excessively.
  3. Photographall your works, with well-made images. Maybe you need to do about 20 photos per frame to find one in which the colors and shapes appear in all their splendor. It is very important, especially if we are going to promote ourselves through internet channels that we are conscientious with this step, at the end of the day it is the letter of presentation of your work. In the case of bodies in volume, like sculptures, it offers about four photos per piece, so that the viewer can get an idea of ​​their whole.
  4. Analyzes the market. This is nothing more than knowing who we want to sell our art to. Of course, there is no single standard, but we do know more or less if we look for a younger or more adult audience, with certain interests or others.
  5. Once you have more or less clear you can use the network, both social networks and specific pages of art sale to approach these sectors that interest you.

FanComp is the best place to sell your art where your fans will buy your art easily. The whole profit is divided in to three portions, first is dedicated to the artist, second for lucky Fan and Third is dedicated for the FanComp Team who develop this platform. It is very easy and interesting platform for the artists to sell their art work easily and on appropriate prices.

– Create your profile on facebook as an artist, post some of your works and be active. That is, follow art pages, fine arts stores and participate in other artists’ events.
– Open your profile on Twitter and tell us what your news is in the professional field.
– If you have occasion, create your own website can be free or paid, it does not matter, but try to have it updated and you see hanging new works or the processes that follow the creations in which you are working.

  1. Prices. Be strong with the price you set. Do not give yourself too much bargaining. If at any time you doubt what price to put you can go to a gallery to get a little hand with the subject. If not, try to look at the prices that your competitors have more direct and set a similar price. It should be avoided, especially at the beginning, to demand a very high amount, but we must bear in mind that it is our workand we should not give it a lower value than it has cost us in materials, time and effort to manufacture it.
  2. Finally, if you have occasion create your own events, if you know a local, gallery, room, bar, restaurant or similar, you can propose an exhibition and put it on sale at a “special price” for being such an event. That price can be the reduction of 15% or 10% of the original price. In the events, creativity is necessary to make it striking in the face of known and above all, new buyers.

And finally, do not give up, you have to be constant and very active to get to sell your art and have a clientele that is responsible for sharing and promoting the sculptures, canvases, papers, photographs, etc. that you create. That others speak of you and your work is the best publicity you will find.