How to create your business

Before starting a business, make sure you have some basic elements. The stakes are high, risk taking also … Better not neglect anything and ask the right questions.

I personally started my business under the status of auto-entrepreneur to finance my rather expensive studies (engineering cycle). I had difficulties, I did not always make the good choices … I know now the pitfalls to avoid, and I wish today to give you tricks to create your company.

Here are 8 tips to help you start a business … that works.

1- Choose a domain that you are passionate about

Normally, this company aims to keep in time, see as long as possible. It is important to choose an activity that you really love because you will spend a lot of time and energy to develop your business. Do not choose your business for the wrong reasons! Forget the “I’m going to start a business in this area because I think it’s simple to …”. You will need motivation to continue working and grow your business and nothing better than a sector that really interests you for it.

2- Do not ditch everything to start your business.

Do you already have a job with fixed income? Keep it !

Start by preparing your business, take the time to inform yourself see to learn the trade as part of a conversion.

One tends to be ultra optimistic before launching a project like starting a business. Getting started is a great thing, but you have to keep your feet on the ground. And then, how long can you live without money? Your business can take time before making its first profits …

3- Have a network

It is very important to start your business with a few people around you, preferably professionals. We have already devoted an article to learn how to create a professional network , I recommend you take a look.

You can also surround yourself with loved ones, such as a family member or trusted friend. For every idea you have about your business, it is important to have the opinion of someone else, to have an outside eye and more perspective on the subject.

4- Do not forget the business plan

Extremely important step! This is the step that will allow you not to lose money stupidly. Start alone writing your business plan and go see an expert if you need it. Some chambers of businesses offer free trainings to start a business and can even help you write this document.

5- Do not wait to find customers

Without customers, your business will not go far … Use your network (see above), your website , word of mouth … In short, multiply the sources of advertising!

It’s much easier to get started with a few people who will trust you … so do not wait to start your business to find customers.

6- Subcontract!

It is impossible to know everything and to do everything alone … except in a few rare areas.

If you feel that you are not doing something or that you do not have the skills, then do not do it! For example, let an accountant take care of your accounting. In short, focus on your business, to be 100% in what you do. You must not waste time on “useless” things, and dedicate yourself solely to your job.

7- Save!

Another reason to listen to our second tip. Do not leave your job immediately, wait for your new business to start working. Put aside money if you can, contact bankers, investors, find partners …

In addition, to have a loan in the bank it is strongly recommended to have a personal contribution. In addition, you will necessarily have expenses to achieve even before creating your structure such as business cards, a well referenced website, an advertisement …

I can only advise you not to start your business without having a minimum saved, although in some cases it is impossible.

8- Pay attention to the legal form of your company … and VAT

When I was still a master student, and I started my business, I did not think enough about it. The status of auto-entrepreneur was perfect and I did not try to find out more. What a mistake ! Choosing the right legal form is important for the present, but also for the future of your business!

In my case, I was not subject to VAT but in some cases this question is very important. Once again consult experts, gather advice from your professional network, your family …