Forget about losing your favorite content

Use Mailist App!

Good content quickly vanishes into the black hole of the internet.

It’s our routine as an internet user that in the middle of our search for a particular thing, we simply get distracted by an exciting post, catchy article, or get stumble with a site that you desperately want to check. But for that time is due to your other engagements, you bookmark that stuff to save it for later.

But there is one problem with this good habit…You add things faster in your bookmark list but forget to check them off. But now you have to finish your pie of saved items. It is an entirely free app that helps you in decreasing your roundup with saved items every week and stops your read-it-later list to collapse like your email inbox.

This read it later app perfectly records all the links you save and then every week sends you a smart newsletter that contains all the saved read links. is an app with incredible features, and by downloading its free Chrome/Firefox extensions, you can save any link in just two clicks.

  • It is also easy to import or export your already saved list of links into your Mailist account.
  • This app works in an organized way and sends you a weekly newsletter with a list of random links from the unread list.
  • Once you open the link, it marks that link as ”Read” and never include that link in future emails.
  • You can select a day of your choice with the desired number of links you need to include in every new email.
  • You can easily access your weekly email and can share it with your friends, colleagues, and community to share the best articles and blogs with them.
  • Its Pro-features provide you the facility to detect broken and inactive links that you can remove or replace and an ability to manage your saved links by assigning tags to the particular links.

Now, with the, you don’t have excuses for breaking the workflow only to read your favorite content. You are simply going to love this Bookmarking and read it letter app