Avoid these SEO concepts in 2022

The final goal of any online business is to get as much traffic as possible. More traffic is deeply proportional to having a higher rank on search engines. And one of the means to improve the business is by employing different SEO tactics.


SEO ideas help in improving the rank of the website organically. And the search engines such as Google ranks the website depending on various circumstances and with SEO being one of the important ones. While you need to hit the bullseye with a trick, you also need to ensure you do not overdo them.


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Here are a few aspects that are a big NO-NO,


The identical twins

The identical twins in the suite life of Zack and Cody might have taken their similar-looking personalities as an advantage to get over obstacles in the show. However, that is not the case in the world of the internet. When you copy the same content or product descriptions on every other article, there is a greater chance of being omitted from ranking higher on SERP.


Since the content looks the same, Google misunderstands and ends up not picking the articles. Ensure to proofread the articles before publishing them to avoid such hassles. It is quite common for us to rewrite the things we’ve already written and published. But, put some effort into research and analysis to write differently.


The turkey stuffing

Stuffing is great, only as long as you get to eat them. The keyword stuffing, on the other hand, fetches a red flag to your articles. Of course, keywords are the golden keys to push you to the top of SERP. Nevertheless, you also need to understand the complexity of it and use them wisely.

Instead of stuffing every keyword, you gathered recently, use one or two long sentences mentioning the same. And give the rest of the content a creative flip. Google has a sophisticated algorithm that can figure out if an article has used certain words extensively. It will only result in pushing you down at the bottom of the search results.


The outdated website


No matter how great your content is and how massively your SERP is growing, it won’t matter if you don’t have the website up to date. A bad user experience includes higher bounce rates, outdated design, slow processing, etc. Effective use of colours and using simple language are some of the key features you need to consider.

Google has complex algorithms that verify how the website functions and whether it is compatible with mobile phones. Every bit of your website is under the radar and, when proven guilty of any misbehaviour of the website, it will directly take a hit on its credibility.