5 benefits of virtual offices

Virtual offices are the perfect allies for small and medium-sized companies that want to transmit professionalism without incurring large expenses. Learn about the benefits of this technological innovation!

Companies are increasingly betting on mobility in the operation. This brings several virtues such as low costs. According to data from VMG Business Center, in 2017 the demand for virtual offices increased by 22%. The majority of these clients were professionals in the consulting area. It is estimated that by 2018 the trend will continue and the virtual service   will increase between 20% and 25%.

One of the best virtual offices in London have become a trend due to the need of people to reconcile the work with the face in the company without having to rent a physical space. Also, because the performance or production of the business will not be affected.

The expert said that there are different benefits for companies when adopting this modality in the work space which have been described below.

-Reduction of costs:  The number one benefit of having a virtual office is cost reduction.The price of a physical space is usually quite high, while virtual services can range from USD $90 per month, depending on the needs of the company.

– Remote operation: The second point in favor of this modality is the support it provides for administrative tasks. This is because the management of the company will not need your physical presence, but only a person in charge of monitoring the operations from a mobile device or computer.

– Furniture savings: On the other hand, savings is another visible aspect in companies that use virtual offices. No incurring payments to administrative staff, purchase of furniture and equipment, maintenance, among others, allows you to invest money in other company priorities.

– Business address: It allows the company to have a fixed telephone number and a physical address for receiving documents or packages. This gives the client the confidence to work with a professional and innovative company in its operation.

-Mobility: The last aspect mentioned by the expert is mobility. Having a virtual office allows you to organize your transfers and daily work schedules, to meet with clients or suppliers, without affecting the daily development of your company.